Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rah rah rah mah mah~~~

ERMMM..this photo let me look like ghostt

Rah rah rah mah mah...muh ha muh hahaha~~~just sang k with my besties in neway puchong ytd midnite....this is the first time i hold the mike for whole nite, no ppl grabbed the mike from me...should i sad or happy?? actually the feeling was quite lonely....dunno y? all the songs that we choose were sad rhythm, izzit some1 been dissappointed in love affair?? who knows? But, Neway charged us for RM32.6 EACH....waaa...such an expensive amount, since before we just nid to pay rm15+++.....ermm.....I'm felt sorry for my wallet...Today i have to test in my zapin dance, it was quite challenging and difficult. God, pls bless me to pass on the test. amituofooo.....

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hey peeps

photo session with my beloved epink

TC gangs in snowflakes

Hi world, finally queeniehui.blogspot.com came to the world. After thinking quite a long time, finally I decided to start my blogging life. Its my first time to write blog, hope I can done it well and manage my english as well. Recently I am busying with TC Charity week. Phew, finally it ended and everythings going smoothly. Actually I am stressful with the post of director since I do not have the ability to handle well. Anyway, here have to thanks all my "children" help me in succedding the events. Without you all, den without the charity week and without me. Besides, we donated all the donation we get to sunbeams of house in Cheras. We pay a visit to the orphanage by helping them to clean the house and organised a small but warm coloring competiton. Linda Yap Yan Thang- a cute and big eyes girl stayed in the orphange house, I m starting to miss her. But anyway I still headache with hyper active childand not planning to born child in my future since I am not a good mum. Next we went to Kuchai Lama to enjoy my favorite-snowflakes. The feeling was nice since that day was a duper hot day. At nite, I had a gathering with my secondary school friends in LOT10 Shabu-Shabu. Due to the absent of expiration date in my student ID, i had to pay more than others. Anyway, I am not recommend to visit the shop again since the foods are lack of choices and the soup so so only.