Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rah rah rah mah mah~~~

ERMMM..this photo let me look like ghostt

Rah rah rah mah mah...muh ha muh hahaha~~~just sang k with my besties in neway puchong ytd midnite....this is the first time i hold the mike for whole nite, no ppl grabbed the mike from me...should i sad or happy?? actually the feeling was quite lonely....dunno y? all the songs that we choose were sad rhythm, izzit some1 been dissappointed in love affair?? who knows? But, Neway charged us for RM32.6 EACH....waaa...such an expensive amount, since before we just nid to pay rm15+++.....ermm.....I'm felt sorry for my wallet...Today i have to test in my zapin dance, it was quite challenging and difficult. God, pls bless me to pass on the test. amituofooo.....

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